Emily Lighezzolo

emily lighezzolo 200pxPublicity Coordinator & Commissioning Editor

Emily Lighezzolo began her journey at Rhiza Press as the chosen candidate from The Australian Publishing Association’s Internship Program. She graduated with Distinction from a double degree in Professional Writing and Public Relations at Queensland University of Technology. Emily is a book worm and always on the look out for the next story to share. She’s particularly passionate about giving youths a voice, leading to the emergence of Rhiza Edge imprint for young adults.


Rochelle Manners

rochelle-manners-publisherDirector, Publisher

Rochelle Manners is the Director of Rhiza Press and Wombat Books. She is trained as a teacher, counsellor and has a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing. Rochelle has also been an author in the educational market, and enjoys writing for a change to publishing.

Having worked in traditional publishing, editing, distribution and working with self-published authors, Rochelle has experience from all angles. 

She is a mum to young children, loves to travel, be creative and dream up new business ideas. Rochelle enjoys seeing the book production right from publishing to selling and she is also a co-owner of the independent book shop, The Mad Hatters Bookshop in Manly.




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