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Welcome to Rhiza Edge

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By Emily Lighezzolo, Commissioning Editor

Rhiza Edge was founded on a flicker of an idea – to give voices to often ignored or overlooked teens. We want diverse voices, silent voices, youthful voices – and we want to share these voices.

We are looking for those stories that connect us all – those stories that challenge us or make us think.

Rhiza Edge explores the voice of a child sex worker in the red-light district of Mumbai; a young Pakistani-Australian who can’t seem to fit in with any culture; a teenager dealing with the suicide of her best friend. These characters are real and relatable, and we hope Australian teens think so too.

Youth literature in Australia has seen a surge of popularity with the #LoveOzYA movement. We’re looking more to our local authors for tales and life perspectives. Rhiza Edge wants to champion this movement, going back to our grassroots of great story telling. After all, Rhiza means roots in Greek.
We are looking for Australian authors also wanting to give voice to an overlooked youth in our world.

Often youth literature can censor important and potent issues in our society as they are too ‘heavy’, ‘confronting’ or ‘adult-like’ for young readers. Our school libraries can become parochial. However, here at Rhiza Edge, we believe no voice should be silenced or forgotten. We’re excited to share these voices with you now.

We are collecting global voices, so please check out our titles to learn more or submit your manuscript at our online portal. We hope you, too, enjoy reading Rhiza Edge titles.

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